Industrial Engineer
Industrial Engineer

متقدم (2-5 سنوات)

الوظائف المعروضة في الصحف اليومية
عمل كامل
الدرجة العلمية - بكالوريوس
تاريخ إنتهاء تقديم الطلبات - 31/10/2017
المجال - خدمات هندسية
التخصص - صناعي عام
Petra Engineering industries Co.; a market leader in the design and manufacture of high quality commercial
and industrial HVAC equipment: seeks to hire Industrial Engineer with the following:

Duties & Responsibilities:

Develop and manage production planning system.

Follow up all QC finds and make sure all points close. make directly corrective action to non-repeated this

Follow up with logistic department the shipping dates for projects.

Responsible for managing and leading continuous improvement project to improve productivity of

Follow up all production phases from start production to shipping date.

Develop KPI system to monitoring production output. capacity utilization and average duration time.

1) Bachelor's Degree in industrial engineering or any related field.
2) Minimum of 3 years.
3) Able to work under pressure.
4) Very good command of Microsoft office tools.
5) Very good English communication skills (spoken and written).

Qualified candidates are encouraged to email their resumes to :