Industrial Engineer 
Industrial Engineer 

اداري (10-15 سنة)

الوظائف المعروضة في الصحف اليومية
عمل كامل
الدرجة العلمية - بكالوريوس
تاريخ إنتهاء تقديم الطلبات - 27/03/2018
المجال - خدمات هندسية
التخصص - صناعي عام
A leading Engineering and Environmental Consultants, local private architecture and engineering consulting firm, , is seeking to recruit suitable candidates for the following position: Senior Business Development Manager
• At a minimum a Bachelor’s degree in a related field of engineering (industrial, civil, architecture, etc.)
• 10+ years of work experience in the required field (Experience in a regional or international context is preferred)
• Experience in engineering consulting is preferred 
• Developing strategic plans and initiatives for the department 

Interested candidates may send their CVs and supporting documents to:
(Please specify the position that is being applied to)