اداري (5-10 سنوات)

الوظائف المعروضة في الصحف اليومية
عمل كامل
الدرجة العلمية - بكالوريوس
تاريخ إنتهاء تقديم الطلبات - 26/04/2018
المجال - أخرى
This C/C++ Developer role is responsible and accountable for the quality and coding of a variety of software applications and image processing tools. This includes both hands-on development, trouble shooting, and testing of systems among other technologies. This C/C++ Developer role requires a strong foundation in software development, data structures and image processing as well knowledge in neural network engines for pattern recognition. This role requires to be able to work independently, work in a team environment, and interface with other team resources like people from business or operation.
Qualifications Required Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:
•         5+ years software development experience with C,C++
•         Recommended 1+ years software development experience with python is an add-on advantage
•         Create custom tools for data annotation (C++/Python)
•         Build C++ Open Source Libraries with cmake
•         Implement and train Dlib Hog Detector
•         Implement Fully Connected Neural Network model with Tensorflow C++
•         Ability to test python open source deep learning classifiers such as MNIST, SVHN Classifier
•         Knowledge of Linear Algebra such as matrix and vectors operations
•         Minimum 2+ Yeas of image processing, machine learning experience using open source/third party neural network engines for OCR
•         Need to have experience with opensource stacks such as tesseract, Image processing experience with OpenCV, OpenALPR, DLib, TensorFlow.   
•         Experience in Multi-Threading development.
•         Working knowledge of Object Oriented design, SOLID and design patterns
•         Experience with Agile development methodology is an add-on advantage
•         Individual must have experience working the entire product life-cycle and the ability to quickly grasp and distill highly complex user design issues into clean, understandable solutions.
•         Must be a creative thinker and have a keen interest in ensuring the best possible online experience for clients; possess a fine attention to detail and a disciplined approach to developing applications.
•         Strong communication skills, oral and written; able to engender trust and respect of team members.
•         Ability to communicate with and understand the needs of non-technical internal clients
•         Self-confident, possesses a strong work ethic, and is continually focused on improvement, innovation, and bottom-line results
•         Highly-motivated self-starter capable of juggling a number of priorities and delivering results on time in a high pressure, dynamic environment
•         Passionate commitment to the customer and to product quality. Champions the product and the customer's needs and implements a model of continuous improvement in both company goals and project-related tasks
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